Abu Dhabi Hair Restoration: FAQ 

A surgeon must understand the nuances of Abu Dhabi hair restoration for different ethnicities. He or she should also be an expert in the field and may also require expertise with body to hair transplant (BHT), in addition to follicular unit transplant (FUE).

Who is a good candidate for FUE and BHT?

A majority of those with hair loss are good candidates for FUE and BHT hair restoration. Even those with high levels of baldness or scarring can receive the best hair restoration with FUE and BHT. However, some people do not have head or body hair at all. Other’s have hair that is nor suitable for transplant. Other candidates are not suitable based on health and other factors, including:

  • Those with extremely curly or kinked hair
  • Those affected by pattern baldness under 24-years-old
  • Those with allergies to anesthesia
  • Those with a medical history of scarring or keloiding tendencies

 How much does FUE cost?

FUE cost can range in cost based on the number of grafts needed, cost of each graft and a sliding scale. In addition each clinic is different in how they charge. Some charge per graft others charge a set price for so many grafts. This is a great question to ask the surgeon’s office when inquiring about the procedure. FUE is different from older procedures like strip surgery because it pulls individual follicles and implants them one at a time. This gives the surgeon more leeway in creating a hairline and scalp that looks natural for you. FUE leaves little or no scarring as opposed to a significant scar from strip surgery- also known as follicle unit transplant. Be careful when looking for FUE, do not get it confused with FUT.

An easy way to remember it that FUE is new and FUT gets the boot.

What are FUE and BHT Advantages over other hair transplants?

  • More natural hairline
  • Expanded donor areas
  • Minimal scarring
  • Less invasive surgery
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less risk of permanent nerve damage without strip incision
  • Ability to harvest more head donor hair in the future
Abu Dhabi hair restoration differs in the process, recovery time, length of procedure and cost.

Why Do Some Doctors Still Use Older Methods?

There are many reasons why some doctors still use older antiquated methods like strip surgery and scalp reduction. There is no way to tell why a specific doctor uses older methods. Here is a list of possible reasons.

  • Don’t want to learn a new technique- many doctors who learned the older procedure don’t want to change because it requires them to learn a new and different technique. So it is easier and best to keep things the way they are.
  • Believe the old way is best-the same reason why some people still use typewriters instead of computers to write letters. The new way to do procedures is so far above their level of thinking it doesn’t make any sense to them how it could be any better then what they do now.
  • Embarrassed-they missed the boat on the new technology and aren’t sure how to go about getting caught up so they act like it is undeveloped and not as good.