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Abu Dhabi Hair Restoration: Photos

Prospective Abu Dhabi patients should look at photos of other patients the surgeon has worked on. These track the regrowth process and give an accurate description of the “starting point” of the surgery. Videos of the different phases of the procedure are also helpful. Both track the surgeon’s best Abu Dhabi hair restoration cases. The best hair restoration surgeons will have photos and videos that are well lit, in focus and are taken in various angles.

Before and after photos of past patients are important aspects to understand a surgeon’s skill level.

Abu Dhabi Hair Restoration: Videos



What to Look for in Patient Examples

Surgical hair restoration is an advanced technical skill that requires understanding of an array of hair nuances. This includes the crown whorl, hairline density and position, and temple point shape and angulation. The temples align with the sides of the face, making accurate temple point hair restoration important.

The Rule of Thirds, also known as the Golden Ratio, is the first point of symmetrical guidance for a hairline during Abu Dhabi hair restoration surgery.

Recreating a natural hairline needs skill and precision. Symmetry is incredibly important and Abu Dhabi surgeons must take into consideration:

  • Hair Caliber
  • Shape
  • Density
  • Position

A natural temple point restoration needs to take into consideration:

  • Softness
  • Hair Angles & Transitions
  • Shape
Photos also allow prospective patients to review a surgeon’s different solutions to past problems, such as Abu Dhabi hair restoration that also addresses scarring from past surgeries.

Are There Other Options To Hair Restoration Follicle Unit Extraction?

Some people will get caught up the thought that the doctors who do hair restoration surgery do it for the money and are only looking for their next patient. While some doctors are like that, there are many who only wish too give hair to people who want it. Some might say the doctors are taking advantage of desperate people, however is someone being taken advantage of when they actually get a head of hair. Or is it being taken advantage of with products that promise a full head of hair but really only stop hair growth by taking a pill or applying a lotion everyday for the rest of your life?

This does not even get into the people wearing hairpieces or spraying some filament on their head. Does this sound normal? For many it isn’t and that is why they choose hair restoration survey like FUE. FUE is safe and leaves a natural looking hairline. Most important of all it does work and is the only permeant solution to hair loss. The other products are only temporary fillers until you can pay for your hair restoration surgery.

Let’s review, here is a list of temporary solutions to hair loss:

  • hairpieces such as wigs or toupees
  • medications like propecia or rogaine
  • filament spray on hair

List of permanent hair loss solutions that work:

  • Follicle Unit Extraction or FUE
  • Body Hair Transplant
  • If you haven’t done so already talk to your doctor about which will work best for you!